Quarisa "Johnny Q" Shiraz 2015

  • Item: QUA-04-8
  • Winery: Quarisa


Red Wine   750ml   

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產區 Wine Region: 澳洲南部 South Australia

葡萄品種 Grape variety: 100% 西拉 Shiraz

陳年潛力 Cellar: 3-5 年/years (2018-2020)

釀造工藝 Vinification:

由澳洲著名釀酒師兼國際級葡萄酒大賽評審John Quarisa創立的家庭式酒莊,旗下出品屢獲大獎及高度評價,當今澳洲人氣酒莊之一。該款西拉經橡木桶悉心陳釀以得到和諧酒質,加上釀酒師的細緻混兌及反復試飲後,打造成一款物超所值的暢銷紅酒。Established by acclaimed winemaker and International Wine Judge John Quarisa, this family winery has been awarded Australia's top trophies. Portion of the wine underwent oak during fermentation and once dry, the remaining went to oak until the right balance was achieved. Careful tasting and blending, help produce this wine of style and great value for money.

品酒筆記 Tasting Notes:

濃厚藍莓果實芳香與香草橡木氣息互 相平衡調和,口感果香持久並如絲般順滑; 配搭牛扒或其他肉類的最佳選擇Intense, fresh ripe berry fruit flavours balanced with vanillian oak; long and smooth finish; : perfect with juicy steak with red onion jam

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