Marquis de Goulaine Chardonnay IGP 2018

  • Item: MDG-02-4
  • Winery: Marquis de Goulaine


White Wine   750ml   

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產區 Wine Region: 法國羅亞爾河谷 IGP Val de Loire, France

葡萄品種 Grape variety: 100% 霞多麗 Chardonnay

陳年潛力 Cellar: 1-2 年/years (2019-2020)

品酒筆記 Tasting Notes:
- 優質餐酒推介,婚宴派對首選
- 釋放鮮花、柑橘類水果、礦物氣息;果香純淨集中
- 中度均衡酒體,收結更具層次
- This dry and greenish yellow coloured white showcases a simple nose releasing floral, fruity and mineral scents
- You will be charmed with this medium-bodied wine revealing a broad texture and a medium finish

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