Beauvignac Cab Sau IGP 2017

  • Item: BEA-04-2
  • Winery: Beauvignac


Red Wine   750ml   

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產區 Wine Region: 法國陶丘區 Cotes de Thau, France

葡萄品種 Grape variety: Cabernet Sauvignon

陳年潛力 Cellar: 2-4 年/years (2017-2021)

品酒筆記 Tasting Notes:

帶菸葉,香料,辣椒等香氣。 酒體飽滿,收結悠長。優香的烤多士味,加一些可可和深色漿果配以細微的書卷味。
In the nose notes of tobacco leaves, spices, peppers. Full-bodied and long in the mouth.Delicious toasted notes, some cocoa and dark berries paired with a subtle barrique note.

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