Hospices De Colmar Riesling 2016

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  • Winery: Hospices De Colmar


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產區 Wine Region: 法國亞爾薩斯 Alsace, France

葡萄品種 Grape variety: 100% 雷司令 Riesling

陳年潛力 Cellar: 1-3年/years (2017-2019)

釀造工藝 Vinification:

始於1255年,Hospices De Colmar是產區最古老的葡萄園之一,現由酒莊 Domaine Viticole de la Ville de Colma管理,釀造出該產區最經典優質的白酒。果實全部收割自自家老樹葡萄,細緻、複雜、無暇的出色品質,濃郁豐盈的口感加上礦物氣息展現最動人的風土特性。

Founded in 1255, the prestigious vineyard of the Hospices De Colmar is a historical heritage and is now cultivated by Domaine Viticole de la Ville de Colmar to make exceptional white wines. Wines are stemmed from old vines and known for heaving a flawless, delicate and complex nose, while in the mouth, strength, refinement and delicately dense flavours mix with the mineral feature of this terroir.

品酒筆記 Tasting Notes:


Aromas of citrus and flowers typical of the variety; sharp and lively, a beautiful structure and a hint of fat give this wine balance and remarkable persistence

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